Pleasant tunes of gritty shoesoles

And murmur of so many people trying to stuff their mouths

With something interesting to say

A girl with acne-prone skin wearing an oversized cowhide coat

And an ivory ponytail and a packed-in-a-hurry dirtied tote bag

Says it smells like CO2

Yeahh, like used breath

Breath from a thrift-shop

It smells like exhale

Nur eins.

The boy from security who saluted me with polymorphic Viel Spaß

Roadblocks me and his Nike-topped tollgate levitates for a while

Smiles can have so many signifieds

Like the band singer´s who is geil enough to chill at the doorstep

Sip beer and discuss the meanings of his long aaahs with the plastic crowd

Dude look he is right there, did you see him?

Willst du über Nacht bleiben?

Warte, warte mal!

At which stop do we have to get off ?

I remember it´s something starting with K

Ask him again

At which stop is your place?

It´s ok

Assures the stop sign and the curtsey of a lowered lip

Look at that guy, right there, oh my God

One man stays above the untergrund level

By walking the fence line

And does a cartwheel while still spaceless

There is an applause

Arms smear off the pink-and-blue haze

Like windshield wipers

Or pale-bronze fidgeting arms of a long-forgotten typewriter

Or waving off a certain question with “It doesn´t matter.”



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