what the little man said

when he opened his third beer

and spilled it over his five-days football shirt

put up his feet on a small chipped table

and thought about the possibilities

that might have actually happened in some other fable

where he didn’t raise his voice too often

or imagined how others looked at her wearing that dress

where his kid asked him to help him draw a school project poster

about the community values, democracy and family

truth be said he didn’t know the possible meanings of community

until some guy helped him over the house threshold

and wrapped up his feet in olive-green military blanket

funny how the snow on this guy’s hands didn’t tickle him

he must’ve tried to wash them in the snow

because there were land mines of indecency all around the house

which itself looked as if it was jerked around by impatient police officers

and now he looks at him reproachfully

and makes the sound of a dead radio station

and tired of waiting puts on a record of kitchen orchestra

playing ‘why do you do this to yourself’ third try, go.

Just you, you and no one else
You do it to yourself




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